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2 Quick Arguments for Workplace Social Media

“The Real Challenge of Web 2.0” by Mark Oehlert makes 2 simple, awesome points about workplace social media.

  • “The reason these objections [Fear, Control and Trust of social media] are a collective red herring is that social media actually do not create any of these as new vulnerabilities. If employees have e-mail and phones or even access to copy machines, the ability and vulnerability for them to create mass havoc already exists.”

  • “What message is being sent if managers trust their acquisition workforce to manage millions of taxpayer dollars, but do not trust them to refrain from using Twitter at work?”

What else could be put here?

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Eduardo Garcia

Mark is one of the few people I follow on Twitter…I met him at DevLearn2009 and heard him speak on this topic and have used the FCT points ever since. Smart guy.

One of the biggest complaints from big organizations is the lack of communication between departments/agencies…yet technology provides a solution and the first thing we do is try to come up with reasons why we shouldn’t use it…as Mark points out, unjustly so. Everybody agrees with change, until they are the ones being asked to change. Sometimes doing it is a lot easier than talking about it.