Join in for Earth Hour March 27.

I would like to encourage everyone to
participate in Earth Hour 2010.
The movement symbolizes people working together to make a
positive impact to protect our future and that of future
generations. Visit www.earthhour.org to sign up and get
posters or other ideas to get others involved. It is a great event and
requires little energy. In fact you can save energy! The event occurs
March 27, 2010 at 8:30 local time.
By turning out the lights or clicking off your computer for one
hour you take a stand for action regarding climate change, conservation
and energy independence. Consider making a change at work – print two sided (or don’t print at all!), flip off your monitor when you walk away for a meeting, turn off unnecessary lights, carpool or take public transportation, or just use less.
Together we can make less of an impact. That’s a good thing.

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