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2010 Australian Federal Election

OK. It’s an election year in Australia this year. If everyone’s vision of Gov 2.0 were a reality right now, how would Australia’s election be conducted? What would the relationship between citizens, government and political parties look like?

What advice would you give to our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard or opposition leader Tony Abbott on Gov 2.0? What advice would you give each of them on how to use social media in the election that is apparently going to happen this year?
Here is some information from the Gov 2.0 Expo recently held in Washington to give people an idea of the state of play in Australia.

The interview with Alex Howard of O’Reilly Media is very interesting and provides a good overview. Note the comments on public service culture.
Senator Kate Lundy‘s Keynote at the Gov 2.0 Expo The Path to Open Government: The Pillars of Gov 2.0 is a must view.
Steve D

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