Usability Tutorial: what is web usability and how do you measure it?

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Originally created for Girl Geek Dinner in Ottawa, you can use this
tutorial to start a discussion about how you can integrate usability
principles into your website planning at your department or
organization. Alternatively, re-use the
to create your own presentation. If you do, I’d love to know
about it. The video was made using Camtasia

Click on the image to see the video
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Or watch it on Vimeo: vimeo

Here are links to the resources mentioned in the video:


Twitter: @uxbookottawa. UX List I’ve started Gov folks: tag your tweets #uxgov.

Are you an employee of the Canadian Federal Government? Join the Usability practitioners Community of Practice or find out more on GCpedia by searching for UXgov or UXWG.

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