2010 Ultimate Wave Gadgets and Robots List (Partial List)

If you need to know how to install a Goole Wave gadget extention, click here.

1. Wave with Twitter
Add [email protected] to your contact list and follow the instructions you’ll receive inside the wavelet. It uses Twitter’s oAuth
mechanism to log you in. The wave with the Tweety is updated in a real time.

2. Invity-
A Robot that can save all current participants of a wave as a named group. When you create a new wave and add Invity, you are able to select a group and Invity automatically adds all members to the wave. You can find the Robot source code as well as the Gadget source code here.

3. ChartBot
A Google Wave robot that can be used to display various charts and diagrams within a wave. Chart-bot uses the Google Chart API service. Learn more here.

4. Wikify
Gives you a full definition of any topic you
want from within a Wave. Add the Wikify mail
address to your Wave contact list: wikifier@appspot.com. Each time you need to know the definition of a topic or a term, use the Wikify command to get the info from Wikipedia.

5. Twitter User Names
Converts Twitter style ‘@usernames’ into clickable links that go to Twitter.com. Robot address: [email protected].

This is a partial list. To receive the full list, join the Federal Wave on GovLoop group here.
If you need a Google Wave invitation, click here.

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Adam Arthur

@GovLoop – Thank you, sir. I hope the members get some use out of these. They make the wave experience a bit better, I think. 🙂