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The Digital Advantage with Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as the recent forest fire outbreaks in Colorado, are often thought as “Acts of God” that cannot be tamed, or avoided. The best you can do when you know a natural disaster is headed your way, like a tornado or forest fire, is stock up on supplies, prepare your home as bestRead… Read more »

CB2: Who’s Trapped Inside? IPS Has the Answer

When a gunman entered Discovery Channel headquarters with a list of demands, our attention shifted from a strengthening Hurricane Earl to the safety of those people inside the building. How many are still inside? Where are they? Are they safe? While we may be better prepared for building-wide crises after 9/11 and tragedies like VirginiaRead… Read more »

Meeting Half-way: Becoming Citizen 2.0

In 2005, William Eggers released a book titled “Government 2.0.” Its cover shows two parallel cables sending information between them wirelessly. Yes, parallel cables, and only 5 short years ago. Since then, parallel ports have gone the way of Google Wave (I know, another Wave reference – I’m pretty disappointed) and Government 2.0 has beenRead… Read more »

2010 Ultimate Wave Gadgets and Robots List (Partial List)

If you need to know how to install a Goole Wave gadget extention, click here. 1. Wave with Twitter–Add [email protected] to your contact list and follow the instructions you’ll receive inside the wavelet. It uses Twitter’s oAuth mechanism to log you in. The wave with the Tweety is updated in a real time. 2. Invity-ARead… Read more »

Are you an innovator interested in the application of the OGD in your organization?

That sounds similar to fishing doesn’t it? The waters of the Government are vast. The Federal Wave has created a main wave for collaboration on plan development to happen during the next 120 days; it is nice to know who innovators and those interested in creating are in terms of a shared vision for OGDRead… Read more »