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Robots, IoT, Drones (RID) and Zombies

The future is hard to predict when the present is torn between the living, the living dead, and the never have lived at all. We don’t know the demographics of robots, sensors of the Internet of Things (IoT), learning machines, and drones. Of course, the count of zombies is unknown because they could very wellRead… Read more »

The Future is NAO

NAO: A humanoid programmable robot with a mind of its own. This little robot (57 cm) may have big plans to walk into the life of every human being. Created by Aldebaran Robotics with the launch of Project NAO in 2004, this robot has slowly been gaining popularity in the technological world. Academic systems haveRead… Read more »

An Update on Liquid Robotics

Image via CrunchBase Liquid Robotics, a company formed by CEO Bill Vass, is making huge inroads in sensor deployments in some of the most difficult to monitor parts of our planet. That is, the vast, open ocean. Liquid Robotics has developed a maritime robot that can travel thousands of miles, carry different payloads, energize itselfRead… Read more »

2010 Ultimate Wave Gadgets and Robots List (Partial List)

If you need to know how to install a Goole Wave gadget extention, click here. 1. Wave with Twitter–Add [email protected] to your contact list and follow the instructions you’ll receive inside the wavelet. It uses Twitter’s oAuth mechanism to log you in. The wave with the Tweety is updated in a real time. 2. Invity-ARead… Read more »