2010 World Cup – USA vs. Ghana (The Big Stage) from the Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports

Get ready for the most important USA soccer match in decades, Govloopers!!

Here are five things to watch for in the USA – Ghana matchup today.

Clint Dempsey must be at his best today (and Landon Donovan will be the difference-maker)… I expect a very physical game this afternoon (game time is 2 PM EST)… one that the Americans will win 2-1 🙂

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Matthew Stephen Worner

Glad you asked that: “The top two teams from each group, 16 teams in all, advance to a knock out round. This is called the Round of 16. No draws are allowed in this stage and if 30 minutes of extra time has not produced a goal, penalty shoot-outs will decide the winner of each game. The Round of 16 is elimination play and a loss means a team is out of the tournament.” You can see more here and I should have put that in the post… good question.

Matthew Stephen Worner

Lose and we go home… win and the dream is alive… we Americans have our best chance in decades to advance through the World Cup tournament… and when we win today, the pressure is on the rest of the world… because we are not expected to win… life is very good for USA Soccer.