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Women’s World Cup 2011 – THE HOMER EDITION – from the Hokie Guru, your Bureaucrat on Sports

I know people are tired of that debt ceiling fight and all… let’s try to think of something good that’s not inside the beltway… Here’s what it would sound like if Gus Johnson and Bill “Onions” Raftery called the USA’s tie goal in its quarterfinal match up with Brazil: And here’s the real call fromRead… Read more »

2010 World Cup – USA vs. Ghana (The Big Stage) from the Hokie Guru, Govloop’s Bureaucrat on Sports

Get ready for the most important USA soccer match in decades, Govloopers!! Here are five things to watch for in the USA – Ghana matchup today. Clint Dempsey must be at his best today (and Landon Donovan will be the difference-maker)… I expect a very physical game this afternoon (game time is 2 PM EST)…Read… Read more »