5 Non-Caffeinated Techniques to Wake You Up at Work

Maybe it’s the looming long holiday weekend, or the restless sleep I had last night, but I’m feeling so tired at work today. Whatever it is, you’ve been there. I know you know how I am feeling: unmotivated, hazy, slow, the list goes on, but my mind can’t process words that fast at the moment. So what is a girl to do? Here’s a handful of options to naturally revitalize and wake up

1. Move
Get up and a do a little exercise. Stretch. Walk. Roll out your yoga mat in your cube and channel your inner warrior. Those stares aren’t at you they’re with you. Seriously, moving the body will provide healthy stimulation. Elevating your heart rate by walking, taking the stairs, or doing jumping jacks circulates oxygen and will help wake you up.

2. Get Out
Go outside. Change your scenery and enjoy the fresh air and natural light. If it’s a sunny day enjoy the extra vitamin D. Sitting inside all day surrounded by fluorescent lights and staring at a computer screen can really zap your energy. Unplug for a few minutes, and if you’re feeling ambitious do both 1 and 2. I really enjoy the days that I take the time to get outside and walk around for a least 15 minutes.

3. Play
Create some varied brain stimulation through play. Whether you enjoy Sudoku, Words with Friends or my new office favorite, featured below, Heads Up! (I have played this with co-workers and it is great!) switching gears and having a little fun helps wake you up. It fuels your competitive spirit and refocuses your energy and attention.

4. Eat
Have a snack. Eating can not only provide nutritious energy, but the act of chewing can actually wake you up. Go for lighter foods that are high in aromatics or flavors. Fruits and veggies are an excellent option. If you like spice try your fruit with a little chili powder or hot sauce. I like to spice up my mangos, pineapples and cucumbers. Other good chewy foods include jerkies and nuts.

5. Laugh

Laughing is a great way to move energy through the body and it releases endorphins, which help to wake you up. Chat with a co-worker who always has jokes or tells funny stories. In case you don’t have any to share check out these, they are silly clean jokes…but they are my favorite. Like this one: What do you call a man with no arms or legs who gets into a fight with a cat? Claude. You can also watch funny videos like these five shared on the Daily Mind. Or enjoy the gif to the left, the double bucket gets me every time.

And with that, I’m going to walk outside to grab something to eat and hope the after lunch coma doesn’t show up.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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Priyanka R. Oza

Love it! Love, love love it! How did you get the pics? Copy and Paste? How did you evenly space them out?

Sabrina H. DeLay

Priyanka R. Oza, thanks so much for the comments. I search for the pics using google, then save a copy to my computer and upload them through the blog post widget. When creating the blog post, under the visual view, you can play around with the layout and design by increasing the size of the pictures and dragging them where you want them. Hope this helps!