5 Worst Mistakes on Government Resumes

As a Human Resources practitioner, I see and regulary review resumes …. LOTS of resumes! And imagine, some people even paid good money to have their’s developed by professional resume writers.

After years of reviewing resumes from people in all walks of life, seeking jobs in just about every career field, I adopted a mantra that I still opine today: “DON’T PAY SOMEONE TO DO WHAT YOU CAN DO JUST AS WELL YOURSELF!” All you need is a wee bit of guidance and you’ll be able to effectively communicate your experience and education to satisfy just about every Staffing specialist!

Rather than reinvent the wheel, take a look at the “5 Worst Government Resume Mistakes” compiled by Jason Kay in a FedSmith article published 3/21/2012. He has good ideas and gives great advice!

And remember … when in doubt, ask a Human Resources Specialist for help. Many of us are more than willing and well-equipped to review your resume and give you the feedback that will help you better present yourself to Federal hiring officials in the best light possible and in the most succinct manner.

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Deb Green

You go Doris! No one cares as much as you do about your career. Get advice, but I would not recommend outsourcing an application to anyone.

Alan L. Greenberg

Well said, Doris. You might want to add another bit of advice – 5 Worst Mistakes at Government Interviews. In my many years as a manager I have had people coming in for a job interview dressed looking they are ready for a gig at the Lone Star Cafe; sucking on candy; dressed for their softball game; with headphones; and with portfolio packages totally unrelated to the job. Worst of all, I’ve had interviewees who did no preparation and had no knowledge whatsoever on the mission of the agency.

Barbara R. Musser

Just got finished reading your article and Jason’s article on the “5 worst government resume mistakes”. It was very helpful. As a HR Specialist, would you have time to take a few moments to review my resume..

Thank you!


[email protected]


Thanks for this article. Although not an HR Specialist, my line of work allows me to review resumes and I conduct resume writing workshops. I love your advice but people still insist on paying to do what they can really do themselves with just a bit of guidance.

My agency’s HR seems to be external to its employees.