5 Reasons To Not Eat Lunch At Your Desk


Finally, lunch times rolls around.

Are you excited to take your well-deserved break? Maybe for lunch you will eat last night’s delicious leftovers while chatting with your co-workers. Or, perhaps you will splurge and eat out at your favourite sushi place for your lunch hour?

Does that not sound like you? Then, maybe this sounds more familiar. You stay at your desk to finish your report and simply eat some quickly thrown together meal you made when you rushed to work this morning. Or, you quickly buy a (probably unhealthy) snack at the coffee shop nearby so that you can eat it while you continue working.

Here are five reasons to not eat at your desk that will make you want to sound more like the first option.

  1. You will improve your relationship with your co-workers
    When you eat with your co-workers, you can improve your relationship with them and thus increase workplace satisfaction. Spending time with others and socializing reduces stress and increases your mood. Socializing is beneficial in ways similar to exercising – it decreases blood pressure levels and decreases the likelihood of suffering from depression. It is great to have someone you can talk to about your day, relate with, and support you at work. It is also a networking opportunity!
  2. You will be more efficient at your job
    When you sit and work through your lunch, are you really working the whole time? Or are you periodically checking your Facebook or other distractions? Take a break and get back to a productive work day after your lunch break. Even if you want to be alone during your lunch break, leaving your desk and changing environments or taking a walk is beneficial. Physical movement and new visual stimulation are refreshing. You can come back to your desk feel revitalized and more productive. Bonus points if you practice 5 minutes of mindfulness or meditation.
  3. You will feel more balanced
    If you are constantly in work mode, you may end up feeling fatigued or even burn out. If you are burnt out, you will not perform your job well, and it is dangerous to your health! If your other co-workers all eat at their desks, there is no need to feel guilty. Feeling like you “should” or “have to”  eat at your desk can make you feel bad at your job. Spending lunch away from your desk allows you exercise your sense of ownership over your time. Use your lunch to do something you want because it is your time.
  4. You will become a more mindful eater
    If you munch away while working on something, you may end up eating more than you need to feel full and satisfied. When you focus on one task at a time, you are more mindful of what you are doing. You pay attention to what you are eating and you will stop before you are too full. You will also enjoy your food more if you take the time to notice the flavours and savour each bite.
  5. Your desk and keyboard will be food crumb-free
    This one is simple. No one likes when food gets stuck under the keyboard keys nor sitting at a dirty desk!

So, don’t eat at your desk!

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