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5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce

I came across an interesting post on headshift by Anne Bartlett-Bragg. 5 Ways to Disengage your Workforce.

It struck me as being interesting post. Partly as I have long been a fan of the the antithesis lens. Have you ever noticed that HR types start getting all warm an fuzzy when the prospect of an employee engagement survey comes up? What is also neat about Anne’s post is the practical social media slant.

Time to put my survey design hat on. The 5 Ways have now become the 10 Questions. Short and simple.

So if you have a few minutes to spare please complete this short survey >>> How disengaging is the organisation you work for?

In my experience when people complete surveys they also want to shout out a bit more. I have purposely provided no provision for people to make comments in the survey. Please share any comments or words of wisdom you may have on Govloop for all to see.

My comment

My former workplace (Australian Taxation Office) scores a 4 out of 5 on ways to disengage your workforce. That is not good for such an important and large government organisation – and its’ people.

That’s my comment and I’m sticking to it because I am very concerned that here we are in 2012 and there are many government agencies that just don’t walk the talk.

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Janina Rey Echols Harrison

Ours is in a transitional stage. Our IT was mandated to ‘change’ and our agency comes out near the bottom of best places to work, so they are making the effort in many areas. It was hard to say no to some questions when they have been changing and we have more access than we ever did. Our software isn’t the most recent but also not the antiquated options we were working with. More software changes on the horizon so I wait to see what we get. I worry that the people who are asked to determine what we will use are not savvy end users and don’t understand the impacts on productivity that their decisions make. Or is it someone’s brother-in-law’s company? I took a prelim training course for a product I am told we are getting. Another albatross. But I can’t discount all the recent improvements despite this pick. This also may be a result of the procurement and bid process (see discussions under Better Government). And the winner is!