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9 Simple Ways to Show Kindness to Your Employees

Kindness might seem like a popular buzzword these days, but maybe it’s because there is something extraordinary about it. Maybe it’s because even the smallest act of kindness can change someone’s entire day. Imagine the profound impact that simple and frequent shows of kindness can have in the workplace. These thoughtful exchanges can help to foster a positive culture, boost office morale and improve employee experiences. Show some kindness to your employees today with these nine simple ideas.

Show that you care

Show that you care about your employees by authentically checking in on all of them. Right now, during this relentless pandemic, everyone needs to be asked how they are doing and if they need any help or support. These simple check-ins can make a big difference in someone’s day as it shows them that you care.

Make everyone feel visible

Get out of the habit of chatting with only a few members of your workforce. Consider who in your office might be getting overlooked or even worse, might be feeling invisible. Think of small ways you can build a better relationship with these employees. This could be as simple as learning one new thing about each of them. Discovering that Terry likes to mountain climb or that Jane plays the drums is a wonderful way to make them feel visible.

Respect their expertise

One way to show your employees that you respect their expertise is by asking for their advice. For example, perhaps one of your employees just gave a top-notch presentation. Go beyond praising their work by asking them if they could share with you some of their presentation tips. This admiration would make just about anyone feel great.

Compliment their resiliency

If you know someone who has experienced a difficult time and has managed it well, compliment them for their resiliency. This could be an employee who just got turned down for a promotion. Clearly, they were upset for not making the cut, but you noticed they handled the situation surprisingly well. Honor the strength they have shown during this challenging time by sharing this observation with them.

Exhibit receptiveness

Look for ways to show that you are approachable and receptive. Go out of your way to communicate with each employee. You want them to feel comfortable talking to you and bringing things to your attention. When someone asks for a minute of your time, take five minutes at some point in your day to talk to them. You don’t want an employee going home feeling not worthy enough to have five minutes of your time.

Enrich them professionally

Think of a few ways you could start professionally enriching your staff through informal development. Brainstorm some topics your team would benefit from and hold a few development sessions. You could bring in guest speakers to talk about how to write great resumes, the value of a good mentor, and how to run effective meetings. Helping your employees in their development shows that you take their professional growth seriously.

Establish a valuable career connection

Help employees get closer to their career aspirations by making a valuable connection for them. Introduce your employees with someone in your network who can help advance their career development. Making this valuable link shows your employees that you want them to succeed in their careers.

Have meaningful conversations

Posing thoughtful questions and having meaningful conversations can help employees feel admired. Ask your team something like, “What has been one of your biggest challenges and how did you overcome it?” or “What is your proudest accomplishment?” Asking these kinds of questions and allowing everyone to share creates special moments among team members as they learn more about one another.

Create valuable opportunities

Look for new ways your employees can make valuable contributions. Perhaps your team needs a new mission statement or your office webpage needs updated. These might be two great opportunities for your employees to showcase their hidden talents at work. You might be surprised to learn that Jessica has a real passion for creating amazing websites, all because you generated this valuable opportunity.


Showing kindness doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming – all it takes is a little time and a lot of heart. Be the attentive boss that your employees need and purposely make sure your employees feel cared for and valued. Routine and thoughtful exchanges of kindness is what every office needs right now.

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Tessie Davenport has served as a leader in the Department of Defense for the past ten years. Her breadth of experience includes creating successful teams, coaching, mentoring and leading development programs. She has a B.A.S. in Information and Computer Security, a M.S. in Intelligence Management and is pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Management. She hopes to inspire new leaders and experienced ones by offering practical ideas to help them build positive cultures and grow their people. Tessie is happily married with three dogs and a cat. She loves to travel, hike, kayak, and explore.

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Avatar photo Nicole Blake Johnson

These are so thoughtful, Tessie. Thank you for sharing. I love meaningful conversations, making people feel seen and the mission statement idea.

Avatar photo Tessie Davenport

I greatly appreciate your feedback Nicole! I am happy to know that people find these ideas valuable and meaningful. Thank you again.

Avatar photo Tessie Davenport

Oh goodness thank you for your kind words!!! You totally made my day! I am so happy you loved this article. Thank you for sharing it with others too. I know we could all use some extra kindness right now. 🙂