Adriel Hampton’s NationBuilder looking for local government pilot customers

After commuting back and forth from the SF Bay Area for three months, I’m just getting settled down in Los Angeles with my family. I’m down in SoCal to continue growing my startup, NationBuilder, which is based in downtown LA. Getting settled means I’m doing a lot more thinking about where we’re going next with the company after months of stressing the move 😉
At NationBuilder, where I joined in May 2011 as the third employee, we build an inexpensive SaaS platform for community organizing. As chief organizer, I lead our own community building efforts, which include our customer support and marketing teams. We’ve been very focused on political organizing since that’s an area where people are already using toolkits like NationBuilder and need solutions both quick and affordable. As longtime GovLoopers will know, government technology reform and citizen participation are core passions for me – and it’s natural that I’m also very interested in how local governments can use NationBuilder (here’s a landing page I recently put together highlighting govt-relevant features – www.nationbuilder.com/official).
After six years in local government (SF City Attorney’s Office) and three years producing Gov 2.0 Radio, I’m now fully focused on NationBuilder and where we’re taking our community organizing platform. I’ve given Gov 2.0 Radio to Allison Hornery and John Wells of Sydney, and as I’d hoped, they are taking it to new levels internationally.
At NationBuilder, we’re presently looking for some great small cities and municipal government agencies that want to step up their game online and would like to work directly with me and our organizing team to build out their web programs and constituent service with NationBuilder. If you’re interested in being part of this, please send me a message here or at [email protected] Thank you!

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