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Leading in the digital age

I’m hosting a webinar on the 20th to discuss effective communications and engagement strategies and how NationBuilder can help. If you’d like to join, RSVP here. Thanks! Related: Go, Government Efficiency Long Beach, SF, Bordentown: Pioneering digital democracy with NationBuilder Government New ‘Civitas’ theme released

Adriel Hampton’s NationBuilder looking for local government pilot customers

After commuting back and forth from the SF Bay Area for three months, I’m just getting settled down in Los Angeles with my family. I’m down in SoCal to continue growing my startup, NationBuilder, which is based in downtown LA. Getting settled means I’m doing a lot more thinking about where we’re going next withRead… Read more »


Cross-posted from Wired to Share In case you missed my excessive tweets and Facebook posts over the past few days, it’s now public that I’m leaving City of San Francisco to join Jim Gilliam and Jesse Haff’s 3dna, the company behind and NationBuilder. I will be the “chief organizer” for NationBuilder, evangelizing the tool,Read… Read more »