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Conversations With CXOs: Andrea Fletcher

Government leaders have a lot to teach us, no matter where we are in government. Here are lessons learned from CMS’ Chief Digital Strategy Officers regarding management, instilling a feeling of belonging in the workforce and responding to evolving tech.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Digital Presence and Boost Citizen Engagement

As a local government leader, you are tasked with finding ways to more effectively serve and engage your citizens digitally. For local government agencies, this can be a very dauting task. Many cities and counties serve extremely diverse populations – millennials, gen-Xers, baby boomers, students, full-time residents, tourists, non-native English speakers and the list goesRead… Read more »

Keeping It Proper With Medicaid Payments

In yesterday’s DorobekINSIDER, we covered the cybersecurity insider threat for federal agencies – including the insider threat that’s accidental. Likewise, government funded healthcare services have their own brand of accidental insider threats – more commonly known as improper payments. A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) called out states for their IT systemsRead… Read more »

Content Strategy: Where to Start

For many of us in the public sector, being a content strategist is another hat we’re supposed to wear as jack-of-all-trades web specialists. If you haven’t done much research on how to develop a content strategy or why, this post will help you get started. What’s in a content strategy? To define content strategy, RachelRead… Read more »

Choosing a New CMS Checklist

In previous posts I wrote about how in less than a decade, the world has moved from a time with no Facebook to a time in which mobile phones and tablets are the platforms of choice. Because of this trend towards “digital,” government agencies are facing the challenge of just keeping up. Constituents expect toRead… Read more »

Measure, Engage, and Manage- Next Generation CMS

In 2009, the White House released the Open Government Directive requiring federal agencies to take immediate steps to achieve key milestones in transparency, participation, and collaboration. Open Government means many things to different people, but basically it boils down to citizens having the ability to access important public information easily and quickly. Since this initiativeRead… Read more »