Agencies Using Google AdWords?

I know there was recently a question about Facebook Ads, my question is, are any agencies using Google AdWords? We got a credit for AdWords and are testing to see if we have any success, but are wondering if there are any legal concerns, should we wish to replenish the account.

Personally, I think AdWords would be a great investment for us and feel we could use it to push a lot of information out there. Anyone have experience with this?

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Chris Bennett

For the term “disaster preparedness” there is a Google ad for Ready.gov (FEMA). My instinct is that different agencies and municipalities have rules when it comes to how they can advertise in general, which would in theory carry over to Google Ads as well. I did a project for Texas Department of State Health Services and they used a combination of Google ads, billboards, radio, TV, etc.

The key is doing a great job with the targeting features Google has to offer so your making the most of your dollar.

Courtney K. Rose

Hi Joey — I am part of the team at Google working with federal agencies on AdWords & YouTube campaigns. Several agencies & the military are active with these campaigns! Feel free to email me directly if you want to chat: [email protected].

Joey Seich

Thanks Courtney, much appreciated, I’ll definitely drop you a line later this week. We’d be interested in finding out what other agencies are using AdWords and if there are any legal things we need to watch for if we were to use government money to run the ads.


I think it’s a great idea and I don’t think it should be any different than an agency running an ad in a billboard, TV, or newspaper…(at least in spirit)