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Agriculture and Health and Human Services team to “Beef up” the nation’s Food Safety System.

Last week I met with some of the folks down at AG’s Food Safety and Inspections Service and it became very clear the concern and rush to system modernization and information collaboration across agencies.

The Food Safety Working Group(FSWG) is well on its way with the appointment of …..(dare I say) a “Food Czar” to lead the way in the fight toward strengthing the Food Safety System.

Charged by the presidents directive HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius and AG secretary Tom Vilsack together launched a website to help the nation’s entities that have ties to food safety. The linking of public health and regulatory action will reshape how we improve Food safety communications both publically. “intra-agency and internationally.

The point driven during our conversation was that “IT firms like our with strong international expertise, legacy modernization and pmo sets will be seeking science and bio tech partners to answer the call to arms and vice versa” to modernize, manage and improve systems as the FSWG approaches its implementation plan of action.

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