President Obama Stops for Lunch (at Five Guys)

Pretty cool… we’ve got a regular guy President who likes the Five Guys hamburger restaurant at National Place in Washington, DC.

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I saw the first footage awhile back with him and Biden stopping for a burger….I would think these burger/lunch visits make for a Secret Service nightmare!

When I was in college, I worked as a telephone operator. You’d be surprised how many people call the White House wanting to speak person-to-person, directly to the President – and back then the Presidents were less accessible to the public….if he keeps this up, the White House Switchboard operator sure will be busy! Glad I won’t be placing these calls to the White House! Then again, who knows….maybe he’ll surprise everyone and come to the phone!!

Ari Herzog

Did I hear that correctly — about 6 minutes in, the President didn’t know what the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency does?