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Is the Mainframe going the way of the “DouDou” when it comes to Legacy Modernization?

As I go about evangelizing how my firm assist’s organizations and agencies keep the most valued countenance’s of a legacy system….dependability, security and accessibility with the common goal of increasing agility, It seems ‘legacy’ has become a dirty word. The high financial impact of mainframe licenses combined with the realization of a decreasing workforce ofRead… Read more »

AG’ s Rural Development Steps to the plate and hits “Home”runs!

Rural Development has good news for a nation struggling to believe in the “American Dream” again. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding and USDA’s Rural Development provided 50,000 guaranteed home loans to folks who were turned away by conventional sources. Reinvesting in the “American Dream” is a solid step in the recovery of ourRead… Read more »

AG’s FSIS is “Tweeting”!

The US Governments USDA, Food Safety and Inspection Service (that’s group that recalls all of the spinach and peanut butter, well they started a twitter account and launched some “web 2.0” and RSS stuff … a great move not just to get the public informed, but to get us involved!

Feeding the needy

Some have rushed to judgment that Agriculture got just a little below $51,000,000.00 to upgrade the AG’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) computer system, down from the $245 million in the original House bill. But a closer look reveals that The government didnt miss the mark as some think here. The largest portion of of AgriculturesRead… Read more »

Agriculture and Health and Human Services team to “Beef up” the nation’s Food Safety System.

Last week I met with some of the folks down at AG’s Food Safety and Inspections Service and it became very clear the concern and rush to system modernization and information collaboration across agencies. The Food Safety Working Group(FSWG) is well on its way with the appointment of …..(dare I say) a “Food Czar” toRead… Read more »