All these managers are my SONs!

I am a Corporate Rebel within my workplace. I respect management, but I don’t fear management.

My biggest problem with management is their lack of understanding and compassion towards their employees’ daily grind. I call upper management my SONs, because their title and pay does not make me feel inferior towards them. Some managers do not care about morale, communication or training, etc. Maybe some managers are too busy to care about team building exercises or telling their employees they are doing a great job.The workplace will always have issues if management ignores major team building issues and work load balancing.

Being a “Corporate Rebel” is a mindset and it allows you to deal with workplace issues and still deliver quality work, despite working with poor managers. Corporate Rebels strive to out shine their managers, because remember they are our SONs!!

Managers are like kids remember they will always rely on you the employee. Kanika Tolver

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Susan Thomas

@Kanika, Your post reminds me of the movie Norma Rae. I am in management. Some of us really do care about employees and communication, training, etc. I know I do, but managers have constraints. Employees do not see what goes on behind the scenes or how ugly it can be. So, please cut us (the good ones) a little slack. 🙂

Susan Thomas

In or out of government, you will find varying degrees of managerial ability. The government’s compensation structures have historically encouraged people to get into management when, in fact, they should have remained technicians or program managers. These types are uncomfortable in the role and ineffective and it shows. The key is stay focused on your goals.