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L-Podcast Episode 002 – Anne L Hardwick, immediate past chair of the Corporate Affiliate Committee of the National Association of State Technology Directors.

Welcome to the second in a continuing series of discussions with thought leaders who are bringing new and innovative solutions to the challenges government faces in delivering services to the citizen. I am your host Guy Clinch and my guest in this episode is Anne L Hardwick, immediate past chair of the Corporate Affiliate CommitteeRead… Read more »

More Event Cancellations + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

by Allan Rubin, Vice President, Marketing First, here’s some news on continued government event cancellations. Word on the street is thatGFIRST 2013 will not take place this year “due to all of the budgetary/travel restrictions.” Scheduled from August 25 to 30, the Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (GFIRST) “is a group ofRead… Read more »

Media Relations: Shaping the Story — Part 2

In situational media relations, the perspectives of Government communicators and journalists (journos) may differ regarding conventional communications methods. Sometimes these differences are gaping on both macro and micro levels – that is, within Government agencies and news organizations. Evolution of the media landscape As the 21st century media landscape evolves at light-speed, with the increasingRead… Read more »

Business Travel Expected to Surge Over Next 12 Months

Your corporate travel agency can expect to be busier over the next year, if it follows the trend reported last week by Executive Travel Magazine. A survey conducted by American Airlines reveals that businesses are feeling much more optimistic about travel booking for those face-to-face business meetings, helping to drive an increase in bookings forRead… Read more »

Submission to Bullying Inquiry : The Totalitarian Practices of Corporate Human Resources

The Australian bullying recently announced an inquiry into workplace bullying. The public service should be leading the way in putting a stop to workplace bullying. Sadly, the reality is that there is a gap between what is espoused and what actually happens in the Australian Public Service. Ticking the boxes on administrative processes is notRead… Read more »

Why Feds Don’t Need Rebranding — Part III

Some argue that when it comes to polishing its public image, Feds should follow the rebranding examples of Corporate America. But Federal Government does not need to spend multiple millions of dollars — in our case with taxpayer money, whether real or perceived — to improve its public standing. Unlike the corporate world, we areRead… Read more »

Creating the Right Climate: Using Critical Success Factors To Define the Standard of Performance

You may not know that two of most important steps managers can take to encourage high performance from employees are to (1) tell them what is expected and (2) give them the tools to manage themselves to the stated objectives. What if there were a tool that helped you clarify expectations? Think about it… WhenRead… Read more »

All these managers are my SONs!

I am a Corporate Rebel within my workplace. I respect management, but I don’t fear management. My biggest problem with management is their lack of understanding and compassion towards their employees’ daily grind. I call upper management my SONs, because their title and pay does not make me feel inferior towards them. Some managers doRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Blowing the Whistle to Stop Fraud, Get Rich

Businesses are up in arms about a proposed plan from the Securities and Exchange Commission to pay corporate whistleblowers. Employees who provide tips or sound the alarm over corporate abuses could earn 10-30% of the money they help the SEC recover. Depending on the size of the settlement, that could be worth millions of dollars.Read… Read more »