Amazon’s Government-Centric Cloud Explosion

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Lately, Amazon has been catering to the high number of government customers that depend on the site. A respectable 1,800 government employees are regular Amazon visitors, and the site is committed to providing a stellar experience for civil servants. The majority of these visitors (1,500) are educational employees who are quickly adopting cloud computing. Thus far, cloud services and government agencies are a perfect match.

Of course, Amazon is considered by some to be a lucky profiteer in the changing world of public service. Cloud computing is a great way to save money reports Information Week. Everyone from Kindergarten teachers to litigation law firmlawyers is budget-conscious. Government and educational agencies are a little slow moving, but they are finally picking up speed.

An Easy Way to Slash Spending

Expert consultants at federal agencies have long touted the benefits of cloud computing as a means of easing budget strains. The Cloud First mandate required agencies to prioritize the consideration of cloud computing as a first step to saving money. This mandate also helps improve IT functioning at different agencies. It looks like this is paying off and Amazon is a winner in the shift.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fully on board to help make transitions easier for government employees. A new AWS GovCloud feature ensures that Amazon’s cloud computing keeps with strict government regulations and guidelines. The company is working hard to create a lasting relationship with the new public sector.

What Government Employees Get at Amazon

The government using Amazon for super-computing isn’t anything new. The US Air Force is a long-term Amazon user, but the company is dedicated to giving even more to government agencies. Compute Cluster Instances offers analysis and modeling that can stand up to the demands of the biggest technologies that government agencies use.

Amazon is making it easy for public servants to reliably, quickly, and easily build applications using AWS. The site is courting the government, and it seems like the feeling is mutual. A few key features include CloudWatch alarms, elastic loading balancing, and Simple Queue Service. Current customers include NASA, Nebraska counties, and the University of Oxford.

How Amazon Can Expand

The company is right on track to continue to woo government agencies and tap deeper into the public sector. Amazon has the answers that these agencies need and the influx of new and updated features is making the switch a breeze. There’s no serious competition for Amazon at the moment, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be.

Amazon is getting all of the attention right now, and future competition is taking note. The company is no stranger to attempts at a competition, but history has shown that no one has been able to take down the giant yet. Keep an eye on developments in other companies and unmet needs will keep Amazon on track.

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