Are Vista Users Jumping Ship?

I got an email from my dad the other day complaining about how much he hates the Vista operating system. He asked me how hard it would be to switch to Macintosh. Wow. He’s never used a Mac in his life. That’s quite a testimony against Vista.

I used to be a Mac user, but back in 2004, my iBook died while I was on travel. I was nowhere near an Apple store, the military exchanges hadn’t started selling Apples back then, and nearest store was a Circuit City; I wanted it NOW, so I bought an HP Pavilion. After using a WinIntel machine for a couple of years, I had already decided to go back to Apple when my Pavilion started to go. Hearing all this doom and gloom about Vista only underscores my decision.

Is is just my family, or are lots of people giving up on Microsoft because of Vista? Is Vista the best thing to happen to Apple since the iPod?

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My personal experience – yes. Been tempted by a Mac for users. Bought a cheap laptop with Vista a year ago. Was so horrible I sold it cheap and bought a Mac. Been extremely happy. Biggest selling point to me – the amount of time to boot up my computer is probably 1/10 with a mac.