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My current favourite toy

Just before Christmas, and as a bit of a Christmas treat for myself, I bought an iPad mini with retina display and 3g mobile broadband access (ie not the wifi only model). I love it. Up til now my tablet of choice was a second generation Nexus 7, produced by Asus but sanctioned by GoogleRead… Read more »

Anonymous Claims to Uncover FBI Apple Tracking Campaign, Obstacles to Drone Use, and More

Here is today;s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: AntiSec, a joint Anonymous and LulzSec operation, claimed to have hacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation and posted 12 million Apple unique device identifiers, allegedly pointing to a massive FBI tracking program. More here. Aside from officers patrolling the Democratic National Convention, 20 local and federalRead… Read more »

Zuckerbergs Hoodie Stirs Controversy on Wall Street – They Just Don’t Get It…

Some on Wall Street were up in arms recently as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wore his signature hoodie to meet with potential investors on the verge of Facebook’s initial public offering. Others rushed to defend the young CEO, going so far as to point out that he likely does not — and should not —Read… Read more »

GovBytes: Will Apple start pursuing the enterprise market?

Apple has been at the forefront of the consumer technology market for years, but continues to lag behind competitor RIM when it comes to the enterprise market. Business and government buyers haven’t been actively pursued by Apple since Steve Jobs cut the business division in the mid-90’s, focusing solely on consumer electronics. The most profitableRead… Read more »

CTO Security Report

600,000+ Mac Computers Infected While this kind of activity wouldn’t rouse much attention from those esconced in WinTel (Windows and Intel) architechures, it is much less common for Mac users to be impacted by infections on this scale so quickly. The infection, called Flashback, is installed via a Java vulnerability (CVE 2012-0507) which was patchedRead… Read more »

Lead With Technology, Not Trinkets

RIM, the maker of the Blackberry, continues to flounder, and many organizations are rightfully moving their mobility solutions to the ever more capable iPhone and Android platforms. Changing the device has the potential to bring the latest technology to the organization, but the risk is that the device is viewed as a “toy” to handRead… Read more »