Is It Worth The Risk?

Being a public servant comes with a lot of responsibility. And sometimes that responsibility can be overwhelming. Just think back to the recent government scandals, the GSA conference in Las Vegas or the $16 dollar muffin.

Those errors in judgement seem obvious, but some of the government ethics rules are a little more difficult to follow. Consider a cab home from the office, is it expensable? Or talking with another government entity about a contract in process? Are you allowed? These are hard questions, that demand concrete answers.

A lot of times feds need a crash course in government ethics and how you can abide by those rules to still create change in government. At the NextGen Summit, Bradley Khaner, presenter from the Office of Governmental Ethics. #nextgengov

It’s time we start looking at the risk we are taking in our personal and professional life. Next time you are trying to evaluate risk look at the five step approach:

  1. What is the problem?

  2. Why do you need to solve the problem?

  3. What is the situation?

  4. Why Now?

  5. Who?

You can be an effective leadership when you start to look at how you are taking risk. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, learn so you can have more opportunity in an honest manner.

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