Are you a Model Agency? Check out www.acus.gov/best-practices and share your story.

The Administrative Conference is pleased to announce the Model A initiative microsite, www.acus.gov/best-practices, a key component of our integrated approach to identifying agency best practices, celebrating success stories, and sharing lessons learned in government.

The Model A Initiative provides a forum to offer expertise across diverse areas of interest, helping to identify and solve complex procedural or administrative problems in government. In addition to using technology to spark the conversation, we will share ideas via articles, workshops, and the annual Walter Gellhorn Innovation award at the ACUS Plenary Session in December.

From those who Need-to-Know to those with Know-How, our members will engage in an open, collaborative conversation with federal employees, via email, blog, forums, and other social media to share best practices, success stories, and helpful tips that will help agencies become Model Agencies.

Join us today.

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