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“Tool” Crazy After All These Years

We have all run into the office cliché similar to the saying “if all you use is a hammer everything looks like a nail.” Another way of saying this is that if all you see are nails, anything looks like a hammer. In both cases, the focus of misunderstanding is based on overlooking the particularsRead… Read more »

“Where Does Fed Money Go?” Using a Canonical Model to Find It

For decades, OMB and Departments have been trying to trace federal grants and loans to specific places: cities, neighborhoods, farms, enterprise zones, individual houses or stores. The complexity of community development, economic development, rural development, job creation, or just accounting have plagued how funds can be traced. The purpose of tracing the money is toRead… Read more »

Accumulated Wisdom

The Urban Institute’s Harry Hatry is one of the pioneers of the late 20th century performance measurement movement. He has just released a new guide on transforming performance measurement that sums his best practical advice in one place. Harry Hatry is legendary. His indefatigable commitment to measuring government performance stretches back to his days asRead… Read more »

Combating Erosion of Trust AFTER the Government Shutdown

This weeks post was written by How Gov Leads author Amber Hansen. Read more about trust and leadership in the government at We’ll continue our series on Trust for two more weeks. With the government shutdown in its third week reopen, I keep finding myself thinking about the conflict government employees must experience inRead… Read more »

Twenty, Two, and One

We are experiencing a time of change – big change, fast change – in business, employment, markets, government. No new news here. The nature of a job has changed as well…what do you do each day now? How about this for a model: 20 sits (meetings) per month – to learn, share, sell, or get;Read… Read more »

Something of Value

Let’s look at two situations: A presenter, when asked if said she would make the program slides available to the meeting attendees said no offering this reason – this is my professional work and I will not give away my thoughts and insight. Eric Raymond, wrote about the open source software model (he was instrumentalRead… Read more »

Are you a Model Agency? Check out and share your story.

The Administrative Conference is pleased to announce the Model A initiative microsite,, a key component of our integrated approach to identifying agency best practices, celebrating success stories, and sharing lessons learned in government. The Model A Initiative provides a forum to offer expertise across diverse areas of interest, helping to identify and solve complexRead… Read more »

Selling Web 2.0 Technologies to Upper Management

As we work on how to use social networking technologies in Gov 2.0, I thought this article from IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management might be of some interest to practitioners. “The Strategic Implications of Web Technologies: A Process Model of How Web Technologies Enhance Organizational Performance” answers two questions: 1) “How do Web technologies supportRead… Read more »

Innovation Small Business Incubator Start-up Partnership Plan – Lance Winslow

By Lance Winslow Many countries are busy pouring money into R and D programs and yet, the United States, undeniably the most innovative and entrepreneurial nation in the world over the last century appears to be slipping a little, but one has to ask why? After all, with the abundance of freedom, liberty, and free-marketRead… Read more »

GovLoop Project of the Week – National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

Donna Roy, GovLoop Member, is the Executive Director of the National Information Exchange Model. She describes the program and its significance to government. The National Information Exchange Model or NIEM program was established in 2005 by the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice (DHS and DOJ), to leverage the great work the State and localRead… Read more »