Are you healthy enough for summer?

As kids summer meant a trip to the doctors for camp or school physicals. As adults it should be no different and more important. Kids do not worry about heart attacks, diabetes, low iron count or weight. Adults take care of that and now we are the adults to take care of that.

Summer is a great time to get out, have fun and be healthy. “Hey boos I’m not going bike riding, to Bush Gardens/six flags or the beach to have fun, I’m out to get healthy. Doctors orders. I need exercise.”

All joking aside we take our cars in once a year to get inspected, why not ourselves? Getting out to be active is as good for the mind as the body. The question is what activity do we need and what should we look out for?

Another good reason for seeing the doctor – hurricane season, tornado season and flood season. After a disaster hits medical records may not follow you to the shelter. It would be nice to have a camp or medical form from a doctor saying what you are allergic to, last tetanus shot, any medications and last heart rate & BP.

Do get yourself ready for summer and have fun just like we get the lawn ready, the car ready, etc. “We the people” can be healthy.

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Allen Sheaprd


Most welcome & same for me. I’ve been indoors for months and need to get back into shape.

If a person is going to Disney World or any theme park – start walking! LoL Theme parks involve walking which is good.

Best to you and remember – its for your health and the good of the country. 😉

Constance P Keller-Sheffy

Allen, is your name mispelled? I have a nephew, Allen Shephard. I can’t wait to get outside! Don’t need to go to Disney, there’s enough to do here, and a lot cheaper! lol

Allen Sheaprd


Hi. Close but no. Its Allen Shepard. I can not waite to get outside either, just do not want to overdo it. During the winter people have heart attacks shoveling snow. At the start of summer people can overdo it.

The news mentioned its a slow time for doctors as people put off their visit. Bad economy is the reason. Yet our health, or the lack of it, will far outlast the temporary downturn.