Are young government workers recognized enough? What are we doing to bring in new talent?

Over the past 20 years, there have been many great and successful Public Service Recognition Week events, both in the DC area and around the country. But none have focused on students, recent graduates, and young government workers.

At the same time, among all the calls for more efficient (or even smaller) government, there has been scant mention of bringing in new talent, especially those who have just acquired cutting-edge skills and knowledge in our nation’s best colleges and graduate schools.

So we’re going to address both of those issues at one event:

You are invited to attend and participate in a Salute to the Next Generation forum next Wednesday, May 2, 4-6pm, at GWU, part of Public Service Recognition Week.

Please join a discussion on the importance of the next generation of public sector leaders, and how essential it is to recruit, hire ,and retain top talent. We’ll highlight the forthcoming Pathways – Recent Graduates programs as a critical way to attract some of the best and brightest students to federal service.

Several agencies will discuss their plans for Recent Grads programs. Then, we’ll break up into small-group discussions to come up with recommendations for agencies to design Recent Grads programs in functional areas such as budgeting and financial management, and cyber-security.

Rsvp to [email protected].

We hope you’ll be able to join us.

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Andy Lowenthal

I’d highly encourage folks to attend and learn about the new Pathways to federal service. The new pathways have been three years in the making, but the sentiment goes back even further. 10 years ago, the Partnership for Public Service kicked off the Call to Serve program in this very same auditorium with Sen. Lieberman and then-OPM Director Kay Coles James. GW, NASPAA, the Public Service Roundtable, and the Partnership for Public Service should all be proud of themselves for their involvement in inspiring a new generation to public service (myself included).