Attending Transparency Camp or Gov’t 2.0 Camp? Watch this video first!

Attending an unconference like Transparency camp or Gov’t 2.0 Camp?

They will be unlike other conferences.

They’re called “unconferences” because the format is really different. You won’t be coming to sit while others lecture, occasionally asking questions. Rather, you’re expected to participate and share. Even if all you “know” is the questions you have to ask, that’s something to share. Heck, do a presentation full of nothing but questions! You’ll help others know they’re not alone, and together with people in the audience, you’ll start getting answers.

To help make it clearer how this works, Peter Corbett has recorded a video explaining how an unconference works. Peter’s an organizer of both camps, and is very experienced at unconferences. The video is aimed specifically at Gov’t 2.0 Camp, but most of it applies equally well to any unconference.

I consider watching the video a must-do before arriving at either one. Pay special attention to Peter’s recommended pre-camp efforts. It’s not a lot of time, just a few quick things. If you don’t watch and act, you won’t get nearly as much out of the camps.

Watch the video here:

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