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Contribute what you know and think to a gov’t social media survey

Andy Krzmarzick and Ari Herzog are two private sector folks who are speaking at the Advanced Learning Institute’s Social Media in Gov’t conference at the end of March in DC. They’ve put together a survey, and they’d love for gov’t folks at federal, state, local, and international governmental agencies to share their thinking.

They’ve promised to make the results public.

It’ll take 5-10 minutes to fill out. This isn’t a survey where you need to be an expert to contribute; it includes questions about hopes and attitudes.

Take the survey before March 6.

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Naomi A. Williams

this survey further confirms how behind our command organization is. They keep asking me about social media and I continue to educate them, but they are fearful or EVERYTHING related to social media, so much I just signed on to do a presentation on social media at our next public affairs conference in an effort break this thing down so they can grasp it and understand that it’s more than just having a blog with comments. [I sure have my work cut out for me].

Great survey..