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Avaya TechTalk 010: Next Generation 9-1-1 Now!

By Guy Clinch

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How organizations and Government can obtain many of the values of NG9-1-1 today –

In this episode of Avaya Tech Talk APNPodcast host Guy Clinch, engages in conversation with Tim Kenyon, President of Conveyant Systems, Inc. and Matt Serra, Sr. Director, Product Management at Rave Mobile Safety about how the government communication enterprise and commercial organizations can implement the promise of Next Generation 9-1-1 today. Guy, Tim and Matt talk about how much of the promise of NG9-1-1 is possible for government agencies today. Access to these capabilities can be achieved by leveraging existing investments to create an information rich public safety environment. The group talks about the implications for the Public Safety Answering Point and across the public safety chain of care. The group talks in depth about how unlocking access to exiting sources of information using tools from Conveyant and Avaya combined with new sources of information including Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart 9-1-1™ applications are dramatically enhancing the processes of delivering emergency in communities across the globe.

Tim Kenyon Matt Serra


Tim, Matt and Guy talk about the current state of the 9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), the call center that governments use to answer 9-1-1 calls from civilians. They describe the technologies and networks in place today and the many limitation these legacy technologies place upon public safety. The conversation then flows into Next Generation 9-1-1(NG9-1-1) and Matt, Tim and Guy discuss the dramatic changes that are envisioned by organizations including the National Emergency Number Association, the member driven group comprised of the people who answer 9-1-1 calls. Described is how NG91-1-1 will be different, what types of new sources of information will be available and how that may be used by public safety officials is touched upon.

The group then continues the discussion talking about how the promise of Next Generation 9-1-1 can begin to become a reality today. They talk about how the combination of Rave Mobile Safety’s Smart 9-1-1, Conveyant Systems abilty to derive information from multiple sources and the 9-1-1 capabilities of the systems provided by Avaya can combine to deliver information rich communications to the Public Safety Answering Point today.

Matt and Tim talk about the 9-1-1 Over-the-Top method of delivering this information to the PSAP and how this technique overcomes the shortfalls of the legacy networks supporting the 9-1-1 system. The technique makes access to resources including:
• personal information granted to public safety by the individual caller;
• 9-1-1 information previously trapped in the databases of onsite communications system;
• Material Safety Data Sheets;
• Computer Aided Design diagrams;
• isometric building plans;
• links to real-time sources of information such as live video feeds from webcams;
• environmental sensors capable of indicating heat and the presence of hazardous substances; and
• other sources of information.

They talk about how this information is being made available to a large and growing number of PSAPs and how the information is extended even into the hands of responding public safety personnel. As Matt says, “We swing the doors of the PSAP open,” by combining the data transport capacities of the Smart911Connect technology from Rave Mobile Safety with the rich information sources of information including data from the Sentry E9-1-1 Emergency Location Management Solutions from Conveyant that unleashed the comprehensive data found in the systems provided by Avaya.

Tim talks about his background coming from a family of Emergency Responders and the very lively discussions about having this level of information available. Tim talks about the power of having information in the hands of responders allowing them to do their incidence response, “As they are in route instead of waiting until they get there and trying to figure out what they are dealing with once they get there.”

Matt follows up by describing how the data, once captured by the Smart 9-1-1 applications, can be pushed out to mobile data terminals in use by incident commanders and responders. Matt talks about the opportunities available from richer and more verbose information becoming available in the PSAP. He describes the possibilities of a call into a PSAP about a missing child not only being a verbal description but now including other data such as a photo of the child made instantly available. Matt talks about the enormous benefit of being able to transmit that photo into the hands of first responders in an instant.

Matt then talks about the challenge ahead to make Next generation 9-1-1 a reality. He compares it to the time and effort it took to establish the system for mobile 9-1-1 location accuracy, a process that took more than ten years. Matt points out that in relation to those challenges, the complexities of making NG9-1-1 a reality are significantly more significant. The good news is that organizations and government don’t need to wait to begin to realize the promise of NG9-1-1. The combination of Rave Mobile Safety, Conveyant Systems and Avaya are making this realty today. Mat says we say to our customers, “Here are the things you’ve been thinking about, here are the things you’ve been hearing about, here’s how we can get that to you today.” Matt goes on to say, “In a very quick simple fashion, we can turn a PSAP up in a matter of days.”

It is also important to be the good stewards, he continues. We do this by thinking ahead to Next Generation 9-1-1 so that the investments of today are the building block to the future. “We’re going to be there for our customers not just now, but when they flip the switch to Next Generation 9-1-1, we’ll be there for them then,” said Matt.

Tim said the same is true at Conveyant Systems. “We stay abreast of the trends and where things that are going in 9-1-1.”

The conversation ends with a short discussion about efforts that Rave Mobile Safety is taking in support of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Matt describes that if listeners visit the Smart 9-1-1 website and register by completing a safety profile his company will donate one dollar for each new registrant to One Fund Boston supporting the support of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Registration is free and the information you provide could result in improving the ability for public safety organizations to help you or a loved one who someday needs to dial 9-1-1 during an emergency.

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