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What Does It Really Take to Get Things Done?

Finally, research shows why cross-functional collaboration is so important to getting things done. A recent survey of 400 global company CEOs found that executing their company’s strategy heads their list of challenges. Related studies show two-thirds to three-quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies. What these studies found sounds very familiar to what… Read more »

Next Steps in MoneyBall Government

Hope springs eternal! Two recent reports, a new book, and a newly introduced bill in Congress all contribute to a steady momentum toward evidence-based decision making. The legislation, which is bipartisan and bicameral, could have some momentum in the waning days of a lame duck Congress. It would create a commission to strengthen the use… Read more »

Your Top 10 Tips for Implementing and Using the Cloud: Training Recap

These days, it seems as if everyone is talking about the cloud. Private and public sector organizations are moving their data to the cloud, seeking to gain cost savings and improve efficiency. The buzzword has taken the digital world by storm and transformed how organizations manage their data. Even though cloud is a hot topic,… Read more »

Reinventing American Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Zeke Emanuel

“The execution of the ACA was seriously flawed. Three factors contributed to the rocky rollout: the nature of lawmaking, poor personnel decisions, and poisonous politics,” notes Dr. Zeke Emanuel. The American healthcare system is complex. It was not created complex and expensive from its origins, but evolved to become this way over a period of… Read more »

Making IT Investments That Last

Implementing new government IT projects is often a long and arduous process for government. Budget and staff cuts, advancing technologies, outdated procurement processes and more can leave officials feeling unequipped to make their next big IT move. So in this environment, how can government chief information officers (CIOs) strategize to invest in the right IT… Read more »