Best Government Offices to hold receptions, meetings and conferences?

Which agency do you like best and why?

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Karen Crockett

I don’t work anywhere near the beltway. Here is Sacramento (technically located in the city of Citrus Heights), I think my office (SBA or Small Business Administration) has the best meeting rooms around. The office itself was built just 6 or 7 years ago and is colorful (not boring gray). We regularly play host for Federal employee seminars and have “meet and greet” events with the SBA District Office, small business owners and lenders. Mind you, it isn’t a large facility. We can only handle events up to about 100 people (seated). I don’t think anyone else from my office is “on” GovLoop (even though I’ve enjoyed my participation here) so my office won’t win any popularity polls.

David Boddie

Thanks Karen, I was once conference director for the National U.S. SBA Policy Conference at the Fairmont Hotel in SFO, I believe 1989. We coordinated some of the activities with Sacramento.