BRAC’s Impact from Federal to State

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For years now, we’ve been preparing for BRAC (base realignment and closures) and yet as we start to see it in action, it really puts into perspective just how broad the impact will be across the board. With the mandate of relocating thousands of military personnel nationwide by September 2011, it is critical that a plan of action is in place.

The most obvious changes will impact federal employers, employees and military families. As the transition occurs, employers will need to determine how many of the employees will truly make the transition and will need to help these employees through the transition. Despite best guesses, many will stay behind, resulting in a greater need for strong retention and recruitment programs in new geographic locations.

But it is not just military families and federal agencies that will be impacted. State, local and education markets will also face challenges.

This week, Major General Myles of Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama addressed a group of educators to urge them to be prepared. His question to the audience was what happens when we bring in another 9,000 children into the school system? By next year, that number could be even higher based on the number of parents that will transfer to Huntsville due to BRAC.

In the Northeast, Maryland has been preparing for the influx of people and the real-estate market is determined to be BRAC-ready. Both Fort Meade and Aberdeen will welcome new employees and their families. Despite the recession, construction in office parks near these bases has developers scrambling to meet demands.

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Amanda Blount

I have been watching the BRAC for a few years to get a feel for what was going to happen, now, I am thinking about moving to huntsville to hopefully fill one of the positions left open by those who do not want to move.