Brand Is Only The Social Network

Remember the good old days of building a brand? The days of “Mad Men.”

You took the client out for steak and wine. You wrote up a creative brief.

You gave it to the client, who signed it. And then you delivered Choices A, B, and C.

They chose one, and you did advertising.

A brand was born.

* * *

Times have changed a lot since those magical days, if ever they really existed.

Now, people “get in the way” of the “perfectly architected” brand. Routinely.

We live in the age of chaos. A different logic determines the social order. And brands are not determined in advance.

Social media has made the pecking order. Even if you don’t see your stakeholders doing it, they are there and “interfering” with your plans.

* * *

You don’t understand how their efforts are helpful. You want to direct the energy and flow of the brand – you imagine perfect consistency.

But they are doing the work for you, you see. They’re not just telling you what they want to see. They’re jumping in and creating great energy for you.

The grace of the modern brand master has very little to do with logos, with graphic art.

No, this person is much closer to the anonymous puppet master.

They draw the group together, then release it in fits and starts, weaving the loom and kneading the dough until it has a loose consistency.

And then releasing it, like opening one’s hands and letting the air out.

A brand resides in the collective mind.

It beats in the hearts of people.

All opinions my own. Photo via Wikimedia.

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