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4 of the Biggest Logo Flops by Government

New logos are far from easy. Government agencies may feel like they have it easier than global brands are so closely tied with their logos. In our online, social, attention-strapped world, a strong, memorable logo can help an agency connect with constituents, gain credibility, and accomplish its goals. A well-conceived, beautiful logo and a thoughtful process that makes… Read more »

Why We Just Can’t Agree On “Alphabet”

A question about why Google would defocus attention from their tremendously valuable name and initiate a whole new one prompted me to write a blog post yesterday and some additional thoughts today. Here’s the original question on Quora with a link to all the current answers. For the convenience of my fellow “brand geeks,” please see the follow-up… Read more »

Improving Your Image Through Internal PR

Is your department, division, or team chronically looked down upon by others in your organization? Sure, some of it might be your primary function (i.e. if you’re responsible for performance improvement plans, discipline, or firing, you’re probably not very popular). Similarly, it could be the amount of time it takes you to complete your duties… Read more »

What’s Your Game?

Troy Mathis knows how to talk. And he speaks in a way that makes you want to listen. His session -Make It Matter: Personal Professional Branding, at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit was high-energy, engaging, and inspiring. After listening to his presentation and going through the steps, I’ve come away with the realization… Read more »

$250 An Hour? For What? Who Knows?

Some communication tasks are highly valuable. For those you really need to pay what they’re worth. Take branding for example. Many people pass themselves off as brand strategists, brand gurus, brand visionaries, brand designers, brand ideationists, brand creatives, brand disruptors, brand innovators, and on and on. Most of them are not good at what they do. Because… Read more »

How To Respond To Your Opponents

There are two ways to deal with anti-brand communities, or simply opponents. 1. Negative Ignore – don’t respond in any way Respond – sharply and directly take them on – e.g., argue point by point why they are incorrect Attack – e.g. go further than #2 – try to take them down, through threat, marginalization,… Read more »