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Breaking Down the Social Business Roadmap – Development

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In continuing of the series of our AIIM Social Business Roadmap blog posts, I will be looking into the topic of development within an organization as one of the 8 steps needed in order to be successful in this new digital age of business, social collaboration and instant results.

Development - Step 3 in the Social Business Roadmap

After the strategy is in place (Step 2 of the roadmap), the organization can make informed decisions about what tools to implement, how to implement them, where to implement them, and how they will potentially scale more broadly within the organization.
So ask yourself, what does your organization desire to do when it comes to development of tools and their use in social media for business? Will they be collaborative? Used as a platform? Showcase the community or internal activity streams? Be aggregation of content from outside sources? Will you need to consider scheduling, monitoring, auditing, analytics, and understanding the sentiment of your brand or business? How will you go about archiving your content? Will it be different from your business practices today?
Next think about how you wish to deploy your content and presence in the social business space.
Do you want:
  • Internal vs. external approach
  • Hosted or homegrown
  • SAAS, Commercial
  • Mobile
  • Widgets

You will also need to consider your implementation choices

  • Like to have vs. need to have
  • Right tools for the jobs
  • Procurement
  • Working with IT and security
  • Installation/ Configuration
  • Having a proof of concept or pilot
  • Staggered roll out vs. immediate implementation
  • How will you conduct training and support
Next you should be thinking about what tools are associated with Social Business and according to your strategy, what tools would help acheive the goals you have established in reaching out to your community or increasing your internal collaboration. You should not approach this as we need a Facebook page or we need SharePoint, but rather what is the business task you need to accomplish and then finding the best technology for the budget you can work with to solve the problem. These tools will fit in one of the following categories:
  • Wikis
  • Blogs
  • Microblogs
  • Social Networks
  • Social Sharing
  • Social tagging and voting
  • Social profiles
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Webconferencing
  • Location based services
  • Social gaming
The best thing to do if you are starting off in Social Business and connecting your social media presence, is find what someone else is doing and take a cue from them and make it your own. Sites like http://oneforty.com and http://socialmedia.com/. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

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