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Calling all healthy chefs… Anyone competing in Feds Get Fit?

Welcome colleagues, friends, and fellow Feds to my very FIRST blog post. Please bear with me as I tell my story…

On my thirtieth birthday, I made a “to-do” list for the year, a bucket list of sorts, of activities and crazy things I have always wanted to do. There is no rhyme or reason to this list. None at all. Things I’ve checked off so far include taking a flying trapeze class, crashing a party, riding a motorcycle (thanks Dad – the Harley was awesome!), learning to drive stick shift, and getting a body wrap – in Thailand.

Stuff still left on my list – take a hot air balloon ride, go cow tipping (I’m from the country), rent a convertible, get a psychic reading, drive a race car, and enter a baking contest. Yep – you read it right… I’ve always wanted to enter a cooking contest.

I’m an avid baker with an affinity for making cookies. I find baking quite therapeutic, relaxing, and it always seems to lift my spirits. For the past couple of years, I have made my friends and co-workers’ favorite cookies for their birthday; embracing the challenge of trying new recipes or modifying classic ones. Everyone loves cookies. Ask the Girl Scouts.

When I recently heard about the Feds Get Fit recipe contest, I jumped at the opportunity. But could I make a “healthy” cookie? Replace sugar with applesauce, and use whole wheat flour? After trying out a few different batches this past weekend, I’ve perfected my secret recipe (emphasis on the “secret” since I want to win!). Now I’m checking one more item off of my list thanks to our latest Government initiative.

So, I want to know – do we have any other aspiring healthy chefs out there on GovLoop? Any fit foodies following the contest? Give a shout and let me know. Maybe I’ll see you in the cook-off! And what do you think about the “Feds Get Fit” program? Is your Agency taking part?

One final question for you expert Bloggies/Bloggers/Blogsperts?… Where the heck is spell check in this thing?!?

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