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YGL Govies Gettin Dirty for a Good Cause

GETTING DIRTY – MEET THE TEAM Four of Young Government Leaders’ members are planning on getting down and dirty next month to benefit a good cause. Trust us, by down and dirty, we’re talking junk yards, mud, slop, old tires, and raging rivers. Sound disgusting…these YGL members didn’t think so…they thought it sounded like fun!!Read… Read more »

Calling all healthy chefs… Anyone competing in Feds Get Fit?

Welcome colleagues, friends, and fellow Feds to my very FIRST blog post. Please bear with me as I tell my story… On my thirtieth birthday, I made a “to-do” list for the year, a bucket list of sorts, of activities and crazy things I have always wanted to do. There is no rhyme or reasonRead… Read more »