What is IT “Success”?

We consistently read about IT “Failure” and how much it costs organizations each year, but how often do we actually read about IT “Success”. What is IT success? How do we know when we have achieved it? Why is it so elusive?

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Peter Sperry

IT success consists of holding meetings, developing buzzwords, drinking koolaid, drafting mission statements, agreeing on governance charters, achieving a “vision”, embracing the future and above all; hiring consultants. Private sector organizations know they have achieved IT success when they file for chapter 11 with more IT architects and systems engineers on the payroll than revenue generating employees. Government agencies know they have achieved IT success when the bond rating of their parent jurisdiction sinks to junk while actual services delivered to constituents declines below pre IT levels.

Yeah, after 30 plus years, I find the kool aid has gone stale.