Can You Fool Some of the People Some of the Time?

I spent ‘a week’ in an auto repair shop one day recently and watched an energetic guy wearing yellow rubber boots while waiting 3-hours for an ‘about-an-hour’ work on my car.

This guy was fascinating – ‘Boots’ was in perpetual motion – heading toward the parking lot, the front office, the mechanic bays and elsewhere. He showed a sense of purpose and moved with great determination. But he never made it to any destination before changing course – off to a different one – lickety split!

Fascinated by this constant activity, I flagged down Boots and asked what he was doing – “Keeping this place organized and working!” was his reply. Interesting; I never saw him touch a car or accomplish any task during the entire time.

When paying my bill, I asked the service rep about Boots and he told me that ‘Boots’ is of our most valuable employees – this guy is on the move from the time we open until we close.

Are we confusing activity and results?

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