Canberra, Australia – CeBIT Gov 2.0 Conference 2010

Hi there Govloop colleagues

The CeBIT Gov 2.0 Conference is being held in Canberra this November.

Lot’s of speakers. Yours truly will be speaking at the conference from the perspective of Public Servant and Founder, OZloop. I hope I can do it justice.

What I intend to do is tell a bit of a story – a sort of future history – and then shift to the present. Generally, the focus of my paper and presentation will be the on the need to align internal and external culture and practice. Beyond the future history bit my presentation will focus on the following:

Putting engagement into practice through social media

  • Use within agencies vs use with the community
  • Creating organisational comfort on the use of Web 2.0 tools
  • Building organisational and personal social media competence
  • Beyond organisational culture – Why social media rocks

There is great stuff going on, but – at least APS wise the situation is patchy indeed. The experience of people in most public service workplaces is far different. The culture and practice is just not there.

Looking at a range of posts I think it is fair to say many of us share similar views around the issue of organisational culture and practice. It would be great if you would share your observations and stories. I would love to include your stories and observations in my paper and presentation. So if you have something you wish to share email me on [email protected]

If you wish to keep your comments anonymous, then just sign them accordingly – e.g. APS Public Servant, Public Servant, South Australia etc.

If you are happy to be identified, just post your comments to Govloop and or OZloop.

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