Green Collar Jobs at A123 Systems

Today we wanted to share with you a video about A123 Systems, a battery manufacturer that has recently opened a plant in Michigan that employs 1,000 people in “green collar” jobs. A123 Systems is a fairly young company, it opened in 2001 as a spin off from MIT, that has a diverse product line. They make batteries for cordless power tools, electric vehicles and grid stability use and have recently sold their batteries to Fisker Automotive and Smith Electric Vehicles.

But we recently wondered how A123 Systems got its start. It must take a lot of capital and know-how to start a battery company, so did they have any help in getting going, in creating those green jobs? As the video above explains, the DOE seems to have been a key part of their beginning. They seem to have recognized the potential of their technology and its green applications.

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