Changes Are on the Horizon

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

We often experience change at work, in life and with the special people in our world. This year is especially filled with changes due to upcoming elections, staff transitions, personnel defections, family life and more. The unknown may create a great amount of stress on people who depend on consistency, especially in their work routine.

One thing to consider is that even the most seasoned veterans in the federal workforce are often taken by surprise when change occurs in their world. So many things can transition all at once, including the political landscape, leadership transitions and the usual spring time staff defections that occur each year.

So how can you improve your ability to handle upcoming changes at work? Check out the tips below.

  1. Adapt your business skills and attitude to prepare to work in a new office environment
  2. Ask your manager the hard questions up front and get honest answers about your role in the new organization
    • What are my new responsibilities?
    • Will my job move to a new place?
    • Do I get to keep my job series that I’ve worked so hard for or will my responsibilities completely change?
    • Will I work for a new manager and with a new team?
  3. Maintain open communications with your peers across your agency.
  4. Take time out to reduce stress. For example, if you still have more than 100 hours of unused leave as of new work year, then it is a good time to take a break from the office and relax.
  5. Talk with your human resources liaison to clearly understand all of your options especially if your job changes as a result of an organizational change
  6. Seek out career options such as rotational assignments or training to get more skills outside your specific career field
  7. Expand your professional network by participating in professional organizations and volunteer groups
  8. Things happen for a reason. Try to stay on the positive side of change to help you cope.

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