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Christians In Government -Where Is The CrowdSourcing Tool We Need To Stop QURAN Burning?

We’ll I can only say that there is a lot for Christians to talk about today at the water cooler. Whether it’s the Islamic Center, or the ridiculous move to hold a public burning of the Koran, people of all Faith’s probably have a lot on their mind after last night’s interviews by Soledad O’Brien.

Simply stated, I believe that anyone in the name of a Pastor who believes leadership is demonstrated by burning what one group of religious believers hold up as their spiritual guide is Nuts, Anti, and a deplorable example of showing others how to Love, tolerate, and bring unity among division. So that I don’t sound anti-thetical to my core belief as a Christian In Government my vote is that we find ways to persuade the Pastor to exercise more of the Love for mankind than a self righteous act to publicly denounce another’s religious belief.
So the Question to Gov Loop this morning: Is there a crowd sourcing tool out there that we can promote to build public engagement that will lead to consensus.
This is where we seem to have an opportunity to show up, and bring what could become a global catastrophe right after we have begun to withdraw our troops, and thankfully receive our men and women back home. With The State Department, The Defense Department, letters of urge from Presidents from counties across the globe speak to the reality that the next fews days are going to be the time to build consensus.
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