Christmas Vacuum

Well, I didn’t have a Christmas tree this year. Not even a fake one. But I did have a vacuum cleaner. A big red vacuum cleaner. With presents.


It was just perfect. Of course, what does this have to do with procurement? Well, have you ever thought what it takes to manufacture an actual vacuum cleaner? (Here’s how to build a DIY vacuum cleaner).

There are just so many individual pieces, plastic and metal, that it’s mind boggling for this simple device; yet I know I couldn’t make one without help. And by help, I mean manufacturing all these parts. I can’t forge metal. I can’t mold synthetic solids into plastics.

But I can buy a vacuum. It’s just all so complicated that people have to work together. And that’s what procurement is about: teams using complicated processes to create a seemly simple vacuum cleaner.

Now if you don’t mind — I’m going to continue enjoying my presents.

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Avatar photo Bill Brantley

I was looking for a cat-proof tree and I think you have the perfect design. I know the cats will not go near the vacuum cleaner. 🙂