Citizens Pitching Ideas to Improve the Federal Workforce

The FedPitch 2009 competition will take place on May 7th during Public Service Recognition Week starting at 1:30pm in the main tent. The event, designed to involve citizens in helping to find new approaches to lead and manage the federal workforce, will be moderated by Tim Clark, the editor-in-chief of Government Executive magazine.

During the event, 20 finalists from around the country will each give 2-minute “pitches” of innovative ways to attract and recruit people to federal public service and/or new approaches for retaining, engaging, motivating, rewarding, developing, or leading the federal workforce. The winning pitcher, as determined by five judges–one from each of the sponsors, will meet with the judges at a later date to explore the strategies for implementing the idea.

FedPitch was started in 2008 by 13L–a group of mid-career federal employees–and co-sponsored by several good-government organizations: the Partnership for Public Service, Young Government Leaders, American University’s Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation, and the International Public Management Association for Human Resources.

If you cannot make it to the National Mall to watch the event live, you can follow the event by following @FedPitch on Twitter.

For a list of this year’s finalists, as well as information from last year’s event, go to the FedPitch website: www.fedpitch.org.

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